Suban – Our head Chef, originally from Bengal but spent most of his working life in Bangalore – India, is the chef we’ve always wanted & now that we have him, we ain’t lettin’ him go! Suban has a fantastic feel for flavours that cross both Eastern & Western cuisine. Suban brings an easy going & relaxed attitude to his profession which makes him a great Team leader & mate. Suban has a family with a daughter and they are back home in India.

Aman – Our office Manager also takes care of Human Resources. Originally from Punjab, Aman has made New Zealand her home with her husband. She also helps in the kitchen when busy & smashes out our freshly made pizza bases. She can now add this to her list of acumens

Isaac – Is our main man at The Millwater Bistro & Bar, alongside Suban. Isaaco (as he is affectionately known) originally from South Korea, calls New Zealand home and we are so happy we have him on our team Creating & executing great food in a very small kitchen he brings a real professional determination to the team.

Ketaki – Kiks has just joined us our media savvy guru! Hailing from Maharastra in India originally, but brought up in Singapore, she has reached NZ in a roundabout way. She has an extensive Food & Beverage background in Function & Event Sales. Kiks has a young family with 2 very young kids. She is now here as part of the team to whip a storm!

Baburam – All the way from Bengal, India. Baburam has just joined our team and is the second latest addition to Subans team. Included in his list of hobbies cooking, so he’s gotta be good!

Zak – Is our local kiwi lad from Millwater. Zak is our kitchen back up wizard & occasional food runner as well when we get busy! He is a quiet yet determined young man and we love having him as part of the team.

Shanelle – Was a newbie to Hospitality who has taken to this industry like a fish to water! With no experience we took her on and now she is flying and has gained knowledge of the floor, kitchen, and bar with great enthusiasm.

Yana – Was our baby of the family, Yana is 16 years young and is of Russian background. Yana looks after the front of house action & looks after our regulars with quick fire service and the well known Russian passion. She has recently been trained in the kitchen and admitted that it was very hard working in the kitchen but enjoyed every bit of it.

Jamie – From SA Jamie initially applied for a position in our company to be part of the events team. However being open to a different position and just keen to start working, Jamie is now our company Office Assistant in change of primarily HR. She has taken a shine to this and would like to develop her skills in the same. She is a self motivated staff member who is passionate about her job and ensure things are done to perfection, sometime to her detriment 😊

Jenet – From Kerala this young lady is in Auckland studying IT. Jenet started as a part time kitchen hand on our team and is now working both in the kitchen and front of house. We love having Jenet as part of the team – always positive and with a smile.

Kanishka is a motivated, creative and a go getter, pleasure to have on board at Xenia comes from the cosmopolitan city of Pune India, he’s been a fantastic addition to the culinary team. With the added accomplishment of being a district level swimmer

Nathan – Still being in school (college) Nate, as he is lovingly known, is one of our few part timers and is a Front of house staff member. Although constantly reminded of having to find his voice, Nate always has a smile and works well with his team.

Nathan – Still being in school (college) Nate, as he is lovingly known, is one of our few part timers and is a Front of house staff member. Although constantly reminded of having to find his voice, Nate always has a smile and works well with his team.

Siaone – Beautiful Saione is Ro’s favourite. He is a special needs student at Orewa College, Sai is a part timer and works on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at The Millwater Bistro & Bar with Ro as his Gotti. He is a keen young man who follows instructions making it quite easy to teach. He loves hospitality and is slowly building the confidence to speak and be of service to a few of our select customers, who are very welcoming of his service. We hope to have Sai on board and grown with the family.

Marion – One of our wonderful Chefs, was born and grew up in France, in the city of Bordeaux in the South-West where the wines are famous as well as the cuisine, thanks to the mix of traditional French and Mediterranean style. Marion comes from a family of chefs on her father’s and mother’s side. Living in a flat above her parents’ Spanish restaurant for my first 15 years, she started helping them in the kitchen at the age of 9 to prepare tapas and other dishes. From the age of 14, Marion started working for her family, to earn pocket money during school holidays and worked the odd weekend in different restaurants too. Marion’s parents didn’t want her to make cooking her profession, so she studied French literature and science for 3 years and thereafter, entered the banking sector. After 5 years of study and professional experience in this field, she obtained my master’s degree in business banking and finance. After this, Marion decided to take a break and travel to New Zealand so that she could explore and  gain some work experience in the kitchen. She went on to work in several different restaurants on the North Island. Today, she has decided to make her passion her profession, and to stay in this beautiful country to continue learning and discovering while incorporating her “Mediterranean touch”. She has a kind, gentle nature and we are so blessed to be a part of Marion’s journey.

Meet – Grew up in Gujarat, India and graduated in Business Management here in Auckland, but was captivated by Hospitality Industry. Hence, he started working as Front of House while studying Cookery in NSIA to learn more about Back of House. After finishing his Cookery Course, Meet came to us and we employed him as Chef De Partie, and he has excelled in his role at Xenia Group Limited. Meet is hard working and always goes the extra mile, we are grateful to have him as part of the team.

Mia – Born and raised in Dairy Flat New Zealand, but has travelled to many countries and learned a lot about the world. Mia now lives in Millwater, and is working as one of our Front of House staff members. Working at the Bistro has been an awesome experience for her seeing that Millwater Bistro & Bar is a family favourite. She is currently in her final year at high school and is hoping to go to medical school. Mia loves having a good laugh with the regulars and we love having as part of the Xenia family.

Asiri – Started his career as a Baker and Pastry Chef 1998. After 4 years in the industry, he went to the Maldives and thereafter back to Sri Lanka, where he worked in 5 star hotels for many years. He went on to achieve awards for his Desserts, Chocolate and Cake skills when participating in various culinary competitions in Sri Lanka & Maldives. While Asiri was based in Sri Lanka he worked as Senior Chef de Partie in the pastry department. Based on Asiri’s outstanding experience and talent, we were so happy to get him on board!

Liam – One of our truly valued Front of House staff. Liam is a brilliant aspiring writer so we asked him to write a bit about his story leading up to his employment at Xenia Group Limited:

“Born in Australia, but soon relocating to New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula where, for some time, had my first taste of hospitality in the form of working in a luxury lodge up on the hill nearby our house. Many simple and sunny days passed there, with many people coming and going, all showing me what different walks of life exist out there to be discovered. That is, when I wasn’t just stuck in the chiller, too busy counting up the wine bottles to come out and say hello.

Of course, though, the idyllic life in the countryside can’t last forever, and at eighteen, found myself running off to university to study things ranging from history to pharmacology.

Still, though, the main attraction was always English, along with a generous bit of hospitality, and with a few good bumps along the way (up to and including cancer and brain surgery in the first six months) I came away with a degree and a nice gold ring to go with it.

With one half of my degree being channelled into personal achievements, namely that of writing what I hope will one day turn into several successful novels, the other half sends me back into hospitality, this time in the big city, where I trust my strengths in humour and helpfulness will shine through. Likewise, if those also in writing, and all-over communication can help here, then that sounds like a good fit for me as well.”