Meet the Executive Team!

From L – R, Manjit Singh, Corey Stevens, Rohini Jacob, Ketaki Bhave-Khotkar & Suban Kujur

To start off the introductions to the Executive Team, we have Rohini Jacob & Corey Stevens who head the Xenia Group. Both Rohini and Corey are veterans of the hospitality industry. With over 50 years of experience and knowledge of the industry between them, they have similar ways of running their business and managing their team. Both believe in leading by example and we never see them behind closed doors sitting at a desk. Instead they are on the floor assisting the waitstaff and chatting with our guests, lending to an amazing hospitality experience. They are a very customer focused couple which is what they instill in their staff to focus.

Manjit Singh is our Operations Manager who is responsible for the overall operations for all 3 outlets. Manjit brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry, with an extensive background being a chef with experience setting up many outlets in this capacity. He will be working closely with our Head Chef and Operations staff to ensure that we offer our customers the best experience.

Suban Kujur is the Head chef of Xenia Group. Suban originally comes from West Bengal in India and has headed a few kitchens before we had the absolute privilege of getting him on board our team. As a leader, he is patient and keen to part with his knowledge to train new and existing staff bringing a wonderful new and exciting dining experience to our customers. Now working with Manjit we are confident our menus will absolutely entice & deliver.

Ketaki Bhave-Khotkar, or Kiks as she is fondly called, is part of our growing family as the Sales, Marketing and Events Manager. Hailing from Maharastra in India originally, but brought up in Singapore, she has reached NZ in a roundabout way. She has an extensive Food & Beverage background in Function, Events, Sales & Marketing, and now part of our team to whip up a storm!