The BIG CHEESE, with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry in New Zealand & around the world, Corey is now an established businessman who trains his staff to run all his establishments the “right” way, with true hospitality, which comes from the heart.

A qualified sommelier, he is passionate about beverages, service and delivering a positive experience to all our customers. He also has a reputation of being able to burn a salad, so stays well away from the cooking aspects of the kitchen.

Loves soccer and is an avid fan of Manchester United, coaches a couple of teams at Birkenhead United with his oldest son Prithvi & absolutely loves it. Corey has travelled extensively, which has made him very worldly and very entertaining with the numerous stories that he has to share from his experiences around the world. Iran, Myanmar, Georgia, The States, England, India, Afganistan & China just to name a few.

Having completed her degree in hospitality in Switzerland, many many years ago, Rohini has hospitality in her blood. Of Indian Origin it is cultural to be hospitable & treat your guests as king, as the saying goes. The training in Switzerland added & contributed finesse to the wealth of knowledge in hospitality that she already had. She completely related to the very Germanic way of doing things properly & is meticulous about having things done in a timely manner and with as much detail as possible. She is absolutely passionate about the industry and being able to deliver service and product that is second to none. She sees everyday as a learning experience with the team and our customers and laps it all up.

She loves sharing her knowledge and training the team. Zurich, Lucerne, Goa & Bangalore are to name a few places she has worked at. She is addicted to her work and loves cooking & entertaining when she is away from work.

Suban is our Group Head Chef, an amazing chef and human being. Very humble & always looking to do what makes for a better guest experience. Suban, originally comes from West Bengal in India, Suban has headed a few kitchens before we had the absolute privilege of getting him on board our team.

Suban has worked in a few places adding quite a bit of experience under his belt. As a leader he is patient and keen to part with his knowledge to train new and existing staff, bringing a wonderfully new and exciting dining experience to our customers.

After studying in Auckland and completing her level 7 in Business Management, Aman started working with us in the position of Office Manager. She has been with the company for over a year now  and has been getting involved in all aspects of the office in relation to Human Resources, basic book keeping & Office Management as well, just out of sheer interest.

Aman’s smile, gentle nature and inner strength are her greatest assets.

She loves cooking, reading and hanging out with her husband in her time away from work.

Prithvi, also affectionately known as PJ, is our IT Guru. Straight out of College, Prithvi is aspiring to be an aircraft Engineer & a Pilot. He has been part of the Air Force Cadets for the last 5 years and has worked up the ladder to be a Sergeant at the squadron. He has also won numerous awards of which his marksman ship badge is probably his most priced. He trains at the North Shore Aero Club and is waiting his turn to go to university to do his double degree in Avionics and Aviation.

He is passionate about IT and takes care of everything that is IT related for the company. He has also assisted in the fit out of the new café & wine bar, as it seems that he wants to get involved in everything that he can. Prithvi likes doing anything that is IT related, being the manager of the kiddies soccer team, with his dad being the coach, cooking & eating desserts in his spare time.

Having done her higher education in Auckland working in customer service in Caltex, she is our superstar at Catch22 Café. She is not only passionate about what she serves but also about our customers. With a simple and friendly approach and a big smile, Manshi is very quick to make our customers feel very welcome and comfortable. Service and customer satisfaction is on the top of here list along with great quality product. She is always on the path to ensure that our customers have a great experience. In her spare time Manshi loves hanging out with her husband Kumash and socialising with friends and cooking.

Dhimanshu, and ‘D’ in short, is our little soldier in the company. On the front lines at every event and on busy nights, he is our part timer, while he completes his education in Auckland. We hope to have him as our new Café supervisor once he completes his education. Passionate about great service he delivers all the precise promises that Vaishali puts together for any event.

D is lots of fun to work with as he is very efficient and quick. We love having him as part of our team.

D likes hanging out with his friends in his spare time.

Fresh out of Culinary training school and having briefly trained under our head chef Suban, Dheep (as he is loving known within the team) is an absolute delight to work with. Keen to keep learning and with an attitude that there is nothing that cannot be done, this young man will go a long way with his attitude. We love having him on board.